A Bed for Adventures

hut bed for children

Being a parent is like living through childhood again. It gives you a valid justification to dress up your old dolls and reread Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Isn’t childhood the most beautiful period in your life? When freedom has no limits, when things come live in your imagination, when no dream is too big…

There is something about huts that children like. When I was a kid, we used to live in a countryside. I had a real hut in the woods that we built ourselves. It was a magical space where one day we were hunters and gatherers and lived in a tribe, another day it metamorphosed into a fortress that we had to protect from invaders. Sometimes it was simply a place where to disappear for the day.

Now we live in Paris and as city dwellers we don’t enjoy the same privileges. We don’t even have a decent garden. However, I’ve found something really nice for my daughter! I spotted this hut bed on Abitare Kids and it is on my wish list.

Image via Abitare Kids