Café Pouchkine

café pouchkine paris

Café Pouchkine is ideally situated to have a short gourmet break between two shopping sessions at the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. The boutique, with its rich golden decor embodies lavish taste and grandeur of the imperial Russia.

Café Pouchkine was first opened in Moscow. The concept was then exported to the capital of pastries –  Paris. Currently, there are three boutiques in Paris – on the ground floor of Printemps, at Place des Vosges, and in Saint Germain.

Pouchkine’s pastries, mostly French classics with Russian touch, are as colourful and rich as the coupoles of St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. No surprise they seduce so many passers-by, including myself. This time I tried millefeuille and my mum went for Napoleon. Millefeuille was excellent, I didn’t like Napoleon that much, though.

café poussine paris

café pouchkine paris


café pouchkine parisImage:  ©2016 Peachtree Alley