London’s Street Art

What do you do in the city when all museums, monuments, parks, gardens, other places worth seeing are already visited?

Shoreditch Street Art Tour is one of the most amazing things I have ever done in London. London’s streets house one of the worlds most vibrant art collections. Its accessible to everyone. It’s free. It’s smart and beautiful. Street artists speak out about issues other don’t dare to: environmental depletion, corporate omnipotence, abuse of power, political hypocrisy, technology saturation, to name just a few.

Why exhibit your art on the streets? Well, if you are a recent graduate from an art school, you can spend years interning at fancy art galeries, and do other side jobs struggling to make your ends meets. Streets allow artists to exhibit their work today and make it visible to thousands of visitors. No art gallery can compete with such turnout. People might not understand graffiti, but they do like street art. Often you see passersby snapping a picture of a fresh masterpiece. Several artists have made their names on the street and then turned it into a commercial success.

Impossible not to mention – London is the headquarters of Banksy, one of the world’s best known street artists. The Economist once called Banksy the spokesman or woman of our generation (we still don’t know his/her identity). Banksy is the master of street art; books picturing his/her work have made it to the library of the TATE Modern and his/her movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was nominated for the Academy Award for the best documentary.

The Shoreditch Street Art Tour is led by Dave – ex-banker, passionate by street art and very talented story teller. He has a street art encyclopaedia in his head, hangs out with street artists and does amazing job showing you London’s hidden gems in a three-hours walking tour.

Next time you are in London – Shoreditch Street Art Tour is on the top of your to do list!

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Images:  ©2017 Peachtree Alley